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Legal Assistance for Arise CSPs and IBOs

Legal Assistance for Arise CSPs and IBOs

Arise CSPs

Are you having problems getting paid for your hours worked for an Arise IBO?

Do you need to be released from an IBO who is unresponsive?

This service is only $17.95 to have an attorney review your situation, respond on your behalf:

  • Legal Advice/Counsel
  • Letters/Phone Calls on your Behalf
  • Legal Contract and Document Review
  • $2 more covers your Family**

Arise IBOs

Would you like to have access to an attorney to assist you with contracts, legal questions regarding Independent Contractor laws, guidance, general business and personal questions and much more?

This is only $27.90 or less to have an attorney guidance for your business:

  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Document Review
  • Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf
  • Debt collection
  • IRS Audit

Contact us today to get more information about this legal plan.

**Limitations and exclusions apply.  For more information, click here to complete our form to be contacted.

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